Our investment philosophy is different

Private investments

We partner with management teams of established businesses to create long-term value by enhancing operational effectiveness, employing a disciplined growth strategy and pursuing tuck-under acquisitions.

Real estate

We seek to acquire institutional quality office, industrial, retail, multi-family and mixed-use real estate assets in core and core plus markets that we would be 'proud to own' for generations to come.

Private Investments Strategy

How Are We Different?


We do not have institutional sources of capital imposing restrictions on our investment style or dictating when we can realize on our investments. Instead, we invest our own private capital, giving us the freedom to invest for the long term, the ability to act quickly, and the flexibility to pursue opportunities others cannot.


Unlike other firms, whose partners bear little to no financial risk in a transaction, we always invest a significant amount of our own capital in each investment. There is no better way to show our operating partners that our interests are aligned than by sharing in the upside, and in the downside, of our investments in a meaningful way.


We operate in a non-bureaucratic and entrepreneurial fashion, unconstrained by the demands of a board of directors, investment committee or outside investors. Because we commit our own money to each investment, we answer to ourselves, not to others. Like our partners, we are able to move decisively when opportunity strikes.

Our Partnership Approach

We identify, invest in and help grow great businesses owned and managed by proven entrepreneurial leaders.

Typically we are control investors but our unique structure allows us to consider minority investments as well. While our operating partners retain authority over the day-to-day management of the business, Hennick&Co creates value by enhancing operational effectiveness, pursuing add on acquisitions, and leveraging our knowledge and relationships to accelerate growth.

Because our focus is on providing intensive support to operating partners who want to grow their enterprise, we complete only a handful of investments per year. We are not on the senior management team, nor do we direct daily decision making. We are available when you need us, not when we think you need us.

We are eager to hear about businesses which:

  1. Demonstrate consistent and long-term earning power
  2. Have proven management teams willing to retain equity
  3. Are growth oriented and highly scalable

Private Investment Criteria

Hennick&Co partners with industry leaders who are open-minded to possibilities, challenge conventional wisdom and have a passion for growth and evolution. We look for opportunities which meet the following criteria:

  • Situation. Open to investing in any industry or geography, in private or public businesses, and in majority or minority positions.
  • Industry. Agnostic but with specific interest in Professional, Property, Financial and Healthcare Services.
  • Geography. Worldwide, but with a particular focus on markets where we have connections that can be leveraged.
  • Size. Revenue in excess of $50 million and EBITDA in excess of $5 million.
  • Type. Management Buy-Outs, Family Owned Businesses, Go-Private Transactions

Transactions/Opportunities in which we can be helpful include:




Real Estate Strategy

Real Estate Investment Criteria

Hennick&Co seeks to acquire institutional quality core and core plus real estate in major metropolitan markets that we would be ‘proud to own’ for a generation or more. In particular we look for property that meets the following criteria:

  • Class A Institutional quality property
  • 80% plus percent occupancy
  • High-quality multi-tenant or long term investment grade single tenant
  • Limited on-going or anticipated capital expenditures

The Hazelton Hotel

York Mills Center

Harvard Square