Hennick Company Buildings


Our Approach

Hennick & Company has deep relationships across multiple industry sectors, allowing us to consider a wide range of investment opportunities.

In particular, we are eager to hear from principals or their representatives about businesses that have:

  1. Demonstrated consistent earning power with strong recurring revenue streams.
  2. Proven management teams willing to retain a significant equity interest.
  3. Low emphasis on continuous technological innovation.

Partnership Philosophy

Our partnership philosophy is the foundation of our strategy. Hennick & Company seeks to acquire equity interests ranging from 60% to 80% with the founder-operator retaining the balance. While the founder-operator retains authority over the day-to-day operational control of the business, Hennick & Company leverages its knowledge and relationships to help accelerate the growth.

Our ideal partner is typically a successful privately held company seeking one of the following:

  1. A strong partner with the strategic vision and financial capacity to grow the business.
  2. Support for a management buy-out or buy-out of non-active business partners.
  3. An exit strategy for founders, a parent company or a private equity portfolio investor.

Long Term Focus

Hennick & Company is not an investor with a fixed investment horizon. We invest with the intention of maintaining our interest and growing the business over the long term.


Hennick & Company invests primarily in established mid-market businesses with annual operating cash flow in excess of $3 million.

Industry Focus

While we remain open minded to various industries, Hennick & Company is particularly interested in investments in Business Services, Real Estate Services and Strategic Real Estate Assets.

Geographic Location

Our ideal investments are located in North America. We will consider investing outside of North America in situations where we have knowledge of the foreign jurisdiction and local market contacts that can be leveraged.